Who says the hair color you were born with is the one you have to stick with? Hair color is the most fun and dramatic way to change up your look. From subtle streaks to the latest baby lights and balayage looks, there are enough possibilities to keep you playing for a lifetime. But, hair color is an investment in time and money, so you want to look to last. Whether you have a couple of barely-there auburn streaks or a full-on blue ombre dye job, here’s how to make your color last, at least until you change your mind.
Start out right: Anyone can pick up a box of hair color and attempt an at-home dye job, but this is one job it’s usually better to go to the pros. A graduate of Marinello Schools of Beauty will not all the latest innovation and hair color and use the best products out there, so you get color that not only sticks around but that you actually want to keep. Ammonia-free hair color that contains natural oils will last longer and look better.
Stick with top-notch products: A new color calls for new products. Examine every part of your hair care routine, from lathering, rinsing and repeating to styling, to check that every product is designed for color-treated hair. Allure suggests starting with shampoo and conditions with color-protecting properties and skipping styling products that contain large amount of alcohol.
Shampoo less often: That’s right, taking care of your color-treated hair actually means doing less. When it comes to stripping away your hair color, shampoo is one of the biggest culprits. Even if you use products formulated for color-treated hair, you may be washing the shade you crave down the drain with the suds. Instead of lathering up your tresses every day, skip a few days in between. In fact, In Style suggests washing color-treated hair just twice a week and using a high-quality dry shampoo to absorb excess oil on other days.
Shower smarter: Shampoo isn’t the only thing in your shower that is stealing your hair color. Water can actually fade hair all on it’s own. The water from your shower contains large amount of iron and other minerals that can strip your hair of your beloved shade. A showerhead with a filter can get rid of many of these minerals. And, even though a steamy shower is one of life’s best luxuries, hot water is especially hard on hair. Stick to a lukewarm temp and a gentle stream that doesn’t pound the follicles.
Keep in the moisture: Hair color can often dry out hair, which can make look dull and lifeless. To keep your color bright and shiny, pay extra attention to conditioning. Every time you wash your tresses, use a conditioner for color-treated hair. It’s also a good idea to occasionally use conditioner on no-shampoo days. But, to really lock in the moisture and keep color looking amazing, use a deep conditioning mask once a week. After shampooing, step out of the water and apply the mask from just below the roots to the tip. Toss hair under a shower cap and wait ten minutes for the mask to work its magic before rinsing.
Avoid a sunburn: According to Style Caster, the sun is another enemy to long-lasting hair color. Though it’s a larger concern in the summer, even winter rays to leech away the color you created. Make a fashion statement while protecting your hair by covering up with a hat or scarf. Or, opt for less obvious protection and use a UV sun protectant spray. Like sun screen for your hair, these leave-in sprays block harmful UV rays to keep hair healthy.