When selling clothing as a business, it is very important to find low priced wholesale items to allow for a good profit. But quality should also be a major factor when choosing the clothing to resell. This article provides wholesalers that offer both low prices and high quality items.


  1. To locate sites with great wholesale clothing products, it’s best to narrow your search beyond just wholesale clothing. For instance, wholesale outerwear, wholesale footwear, etc., will provide you with a more targeted search and allow you to locate items much faster, without searching through sites not offering the product you need.
  2. Below is a brief list to get you started in the right direction. You can use these sites to compare your findings on other wholesale clothing websites.
  3. WMSClothing.com-
    This company offers a wide range of products, from apparel to shoes, bags and more. The prices are very low and the quality is very good.
  4. ApparelUS.com-
    This online clothing wholesaler is another great option for trendy, inexpensive apparel and accessories. They usually offer free shipping over a certain dollar amount spent as well, saving you even more money.
  5. Looking for wholesale footwear? 247fashionstore.com offers a wide variety of stylish shoes and boots. They offer the ever-so-popular knee-high boots for $10.50/pair! These are selling for more than double that on most other sites.