This is not something new for celebrities to establish trends. Strange dress code, copy faster! But often fresh style released by the courage of celebrities. Celebrity fashion followed by all those who aspire to be like them, inspired by his work and worship. Therefore, pieces of clothing that could be a real disaster, but if it is associated with the name of art, is a guarantee of success.

One trend-setting celebrity

The most eccentric celebrities, their craziest costumes. Lady Gaga caused a stir with her clothes on their show, but he’s very confident, that so dress to go to the grocery store. Is it not natural that you become a closet fashion desire for his fans adore him? Here’s how they start a new fashion brand.

Beyonce and Madonna, Pink Feminine Chic

For those who want to follow influential celebrity style, here is a good indication of the trend in today’s world everything stylish blouse, pink neon surprising as worn by Beyonce and Madonna. So feminine pink color indicates what is important in the closet celebrities and women all over the world now!

Inspiring independent label

It seems that there is nothing more natural than a celebrity launch clothing line inspired by their own. Therefore, this fashion house has born some relatives, but not always well-known brands such as Sienna Miller actress, Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, Justin Timberlake and Victoria Beckham.

The Seventh Art

Being a celebrity cinema of runway anything famous, seems to be a passport to the world of fashion design, satisfying the desire for someone who aspires to get a piece that reflects the style of the celebrity in question, or at least associated with your name.

Sienna and Savannah Duo Designers

Sienna Miller has launched, in collaboration with her sister Savannah, brand Twenty8Twelve, which has been lined up at Fashion Week in London edition.

The result is an ideal mix of the two, the first sensual style of Sienna Miller, with pieces that are fair and the skin, and the other, informal and romantic look younger in this collection through the crystal mesh embroidery, sewing and floral prints. As you always play with their clothes. Currently, they do it with their own brand, Sienna Miller told the media. The Cruz sisters also decided to enter the building collections of celebrities, adding his name to the fellow Mango brand, where their lines reflect the style of public and fashion critics accustomed to seeing.

Celebrity Fashion Icons

This is a list of celebrities who chose to fashion as the second call would not be complete without reference to the supermodel who has become a true fashion icon Kate Moss. Moss is known for anticipating trends, and sales of its design vertigo, mixing vintage pieces inspired celebrity newer ways every season. You can even follow the latest celebrity fashion tips online.